How it Works | helps you find and book open appointments

Practitioners post open appointments to advertise services

Practitioners post open appointments whereby clients can then search those appointments by date, time, service, price, ratings, and location. We make it easy for practitioners to share availabilities and for clients to find appointments within just seconds wherever they may be.

Clients search and submit booking requests

Clients are able to search for appointments by chosen filters and review practitioner profiles, educational credentials, specializations, ratings and testimonials. Once a client finds an appointment, they simply press the book button to submit a booking request.

Notifications are sent to confirm appointment bookings

After a booking request is submitted, a notification is sent to the practitioner/business to confirm the booking request. No booking fees are processed as the payment for service occurs directly at the place of business.

Client goes to confirmed appointment and rate experience

Once your appointment has been confirmed make sure to go to your appointment as planned and then rate your experience. View your appointment details in “My Current Appointments” and “Weekly Calendar”.

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